Atlantic Spotted Dolphins Underwater

Spotted dolphins are one of our guest favourites as they often swim over to the boat and seem to enjoy bow riding or pacing alongside the boat, often leaping mere meters away from our excited guests (and crew!). GoPro underwater footage gives us a glimpse into their ocean realm.

Racing over to the boat, bow riding and leaping alongside is not typical behaviour of most whale and dolphin species. Yet when we stop the boat to give the dolphins their space, they slowly swim away…until we start back up again where they typically race right back over to us! We have learned, the Atlantic Spotted dolphins seem intrigued by the boat and will pace us as long as they want to.

Atlantic Spotted dolphins are not a resident species of Costa Adeje in Tenerife, but a transient oceanic species. They are however very common in the Canary Islands archipelago and the third most commonly encountered cetacean species on our whale and dolphin watching tours. They are also an amazing and engaging species to observe and always put a smile on the faces of our guests!

Pilot Whale Mom and Baby Underwater

As we sat idly observing a family group of Pilot whales a Mother and baby pair broke off from the rest of the group to do some ‘people watching’. This happens fairly often with our non-invasive approach. We do not chase the whales and dolphins, but instead observe quietly from the proper distance and allow the cetaceans own curiosity to dictate if there will be a closer encounter. It is fairly often that we are rewarded for our approach and patience with a beautiful encounter like this one today off Costa Adeje, Tenerife. Thanks to all the wonderful people who joined us today for thrilling and respectful whale and dolphin watching eco-adventures.