Private Whale Watching Tours

Save 15%, just €289 If you book before June 30 to use until March 30, 2021

Dedicated whale and dolphin watching tours just for you

Private Tours From Puerto Colón

Join our biologist staff for a private Tenerife whale and dolphin watching tour.  We can arrange a 3 hour extended tour at the 2:30 departure while standard two hour private tours depart at 9:30am, 12 noon and 2:30pm. The Tenerife whale watching season is everyday,  all year round, weather permitting. Contact us for a customised quote on your private whale watching trip.

Private tours are hosted on ‘Globy’ our custom built 8 meter rigid hull inflatable whale watching boat with seating for 10 guests. The boat has forward facing cushioned bench seats so that all guests have an unobstructed view while enjoying support and comfort during the tour. This is especially important for families and groups with small children. On private tours we invite guests of all ages.

Enjoy a premium private whale and dolphin watching tour experience including; Biologist Guide sharing their knowledge and observations, listening to the whales and dolphins on our hydrophone and our sightings guarantee. Our staff take photos of the whales and dolphins for research and to share with our guests for free.

Perfect for families, groups of friends and photographers!

Private Whale and Dolphin Watching Trips

  • Meet 15 minutes before reservation at the blue gated entrance to Dock 3, Puerto Colón Marina
  • Bring sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, light jacket, drinks and snacks
  • Tell us your preferences for your private whale watching tour
  • Briefing from Biologist Guide about the whale and dolphin species
  • Respectfully approach groups of whales and dolphins to passively observe
  • Position boat for the best viewing, photography and observations
  • Maximum viewing time per group of cetaceans 20 minutes
  • Listen to the whales and dolphins on our marine hydrophone
  • Commentary and observations from our Biologist staff
  • Photography of the whales and dolphins for research and conservation
  • Return to Puerto Colón Marina for a short debriefing
  • We upload and send the tours photos to you for free

Private Whale Watching Tour Reservations

Save 15%, just €289 If you book before August 31 to use until March 30, 2021