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Mission and Vision

The Whale Watch Tenerife mission is to offer respectful and sustainable whale and dolphin watching tours that support a healthy marine environment and cetacean populations.

Whale Watch Tenerife was created to offer a more sustainable and respectful alternative to the larger more commercially oriented whale and dolphin tour operations in Tenerife. Costa Adeje of Tenerife is home to a large resident population of short finned Pilot whales, along with large populations of Bottlenose dolphins and many other species of seasonal and migratory whales and dolphins. We believe that respectful and sustainable whale watching tourism is necessary to ensure the long term health of the marine environment, while protecting these resident cetacean species and the migratory whales and dolphins.

The Whale Watch Tenerife vision is to support Tenerife becoming a model for sustainable whale and dolphin watching tourism while seeing an end to cetaceans in captivity.

The Whale Watch Tenerife team is a dedicated group of Biologists, Captains, Naturalists and Photographers who all share a dedication and passion for the whales, dolphins and all the amazing marine wildlife of Tenerife. From our custom built 8 meter whale and dolphin watching boat with its small sound footprint and low emission engine to our respectful approach in the observation of whales and dolphins our team is dedicated to ensuring sustainable whale watching eco-adventures on Tenerife.

Whale Watch Tenerife’s Goals are to arrange our tours to be respectful of the whales and dolphins, be proactive in protecting the marine environment and supporting cetacean research projects. We collect floating garbage found on our tours. We ensure nothing from our boat ends up in the ocean and we do not create any garbage on our whale watching tours. We donate the photos, recordings and sightings information from our Tenerife whale watching tours to numerous cetacean research and conservation organisations to support their projects.

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