our sightings guarantee on whale and dolphin watching tours in Costa Adeje Tenerife

Tenerife Whale Watching Guarantee

If no whales or dolphins are seen we invite you back for free

do we guarantee whale or dolphin sightings

Our Sightings Guarantee

Whale Watch Tenerife is pleased to offer our Sightings Guarantee to all of our guests. This is a reflection of the dedication we show to our guests and our professional goals. We aim to offer the most complete and respectful whale and dolphin watching tours on Tenerife.

If no whales or dolphins are seen during the tour then we welcome guests to return for a free tour subject only to available space. While it is very rare to not see any whales or dolphins on a tour, we want every guest to have the best possible experience and our sightings guarantee is one way we aim to ensure premium quality on our whale and dolphin watching trips.

While not seeing any whales or dolphins is very rare, this guarantee does not expire, so you can always join us next time you visit Tenerife.

how do we guarantee whale or dolphin sightings on our tours

Our Guaranteed Approach

First – our Tenerife whale and dolphin watching tours are on our we operate our custom built 8 meter rigid hull inflatable whale watching boat. This allows us to cover an expanded search area compared to larger and slower boats, increasing our chances of encountering more groups and species of whales and dolphins.

Second – we have a network of Captains that support respectful whale and dolphin watching that share sightings information. Often this allows us to observe numerous groups of cetaceans and several species on just one tour.

Finally – our staff have thousands of hours on board whale watching and cetacean research boats. They bring these years of knowledge and experience to each tour, ensuring the best possible experience for our guests on Tenerife whale and dolphin watching eco-adventures.

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