marine wildlife conservation is one of the key values of Whale Watch Tenerife

Conservation begins with a cleaner Ecosystem

Tenerife Cetacean Conservation Initiatives

Supporting a healthy future for whales and dolphins

season for whale watching along Costa Adeje Tenerife
A healthy ocean environment is key

Environmental Conservation

Ocean conservation is the first step to ensure healthy populations of whales and dolphins in Tenerife. Whale Watch Tenerife is committed to ensuring a healthy marine ecosystem for the future of the whales, dolphins, turtles and marine wildlife in Tenerife.

We start by assessing the impact of our tours. Areas of environmental conservation concern created by all whale watching tours include; carbon emissions, sound pollution and direct interference. We address all these concerns by our approach to whale watching tours in Tenerife.

We work with other reputable Captains to find whales and dolphins. So the boat often goes right to the whales and dolphins creating less carbon emissions and increasing our guests time actually observing the animals.

Our boat has the latest model engine cutting down on sound and emissions. By creating less sound pollution in the ocean environment our tours limit sound interference between the whales and dolphins.

We adhere to the Tenerife whale watching regulations to ensure our approach and the time spent observing the cetaceans creates the least possible impact on the groups of whales and dolphins. By following the Tenerife Whale Watching Regulations we have had wonderful success and encounters when the whales and dolphins own curiosity brings them over to investigate our boat.

The most common species of marine birds seen on our whale and dolphin watching tours in Tenerife.
What we do to help

Conservation Initiatives

Whale Watch Tenerife takes action in the conservation of the ocean environment and safeguarding the health of whales, dolphins, turtles and all the marine species in Tenerife. This is a part of our philosophy, that as stewards of a world class marine environment, we are naturally positioned to create a positive impact on conservation of the ocean environment.

During our tours we collect floating garbage to ensure a healthy marine environment for the whales, dolphins, sea turtles and all the ocean inhabitants. Plastics in the ocean environment are one of the greatest threats to all marine wildlife and removing it from the ocean is a large part of the long term solution to a healthy eco-system.

While on our whale and dolphin watching tours we also inspect the marine wildlife for entanglement and state of health. Sea turtles, dolphins and whales can all be entangled in trash or even eat it by mistake. To date we have rescued numerous Sea turtles that had become entangled or had ingested plastic. These turtles are brought onto the boat and delivered to Tahonilla, the local marine wildlife Rescue Center for rehabilitation before being released back into the sea.

Finally, we do not create trash on our whale watching tours. We decided to not serve food or drinks on our 2 hour tours as part of our commitment to eliminating garbage. We invite guests to bring their reusable drink containers onboard as an alternative to creating more garbage.

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