False Killer Whales

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A pod of False Killer whales was encountered on today’s whale watching tours. While exploring Costa Adeje today we managed to observe these rare cetacean visitors to Tenerife! The False Killer whales were very active and inquisitive with our whale watching tour boat, making close passes and investigating the boat. Captain John was quick to grab the GoPro underwater video camera and caught some amazing video of these amazing cetaceans as they swam around our idle boat.

False Killer whales are one of the larger dolphin species, most adults are over 5 meters in length. They are a pelagic species spending most of their lives in open ocean. They hunt pelagic fish, like tuna. During our encounter with the False Killer whales we observed the group hunting and consuming a large tuna. They were also seen mixing with the resident Pilot whales and Bottlenose dolphins.

It was a rare treat to get to observe the False Killer whales today along Costa Adeje. They were very engaged with the boat and getting to see them feed was also exciting! We will keep our fingers crossed that they visit Costa Adeje more in the future. You never know what we might encounter on our Costa Adeje whale and dolphin watching tours in Tenerife!


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