Join us to encounter the whales of Costa Adeje!

Join us to encounter the whales of Costa Adeje!

Join us to encounter the whales of Costa Adeje!

Whale and dolphin watching tours in Tenerife

Whale Watch Tenerife is a company specialized in whale watching excursions. We have all the authorizations regulated by the Ministry and the Government of the Canary Islands to respect and protect the populations of pilot whales and dolphins, promoting conservation, environmental education and supporting scientifc research.

Sighting Guarantee
Whale Watch Tenerife is pleased to offer our Sightings Guarantee to all of our guests. The probability of sightings is up to 99,9%

Free photos
You can relax and enjoy the experience of whales and dolphins in Tenerife

We support cetaceans research
We donate the photos, recordings and sightings information from our Tenerife whale watching tours to numerous cetacean research and conservation organisations.

Guided Tours
Whale Watch Tenerife have a Biologist staff (in english & spanish) to share their knowledge

Our whale watching tours

Join our Biologist team for a respectful and informative 2 hours whale and dolphin watching tour. Underwater microphone, free tour photos of the wildlife and just 10 guest maximum.

The most complete whale watching experience!


A two-hour regular whale watching tour in Tenerife is led by marine biologists who will, during the excursion, inform you about the marine species in the south of Tenerife (Costa Adeje)

Discount for residents and private tours


A two-hour private whale watching tour with our biologist guides on board will give you an exclusive time and a complete overview about the whales and dolphins of Tenerife. This experience is ideal for photographers, groups of friends and families.

See the reviews gallery about our whale watching tour in Tenerife

Owen Lockwood
Great expedition! The hosts were very friendly and informative and the 2 hours were full of sightings of whales and turtles. Definitely worth the money!
Dominika Lipska
This experience was purely exceptional. Couldn’t imagine any better whale/dolphin watching tour. The fact of being in the group of max 10 people makes it very intimate and enjoyable. Incredible for animal lovers. THANK YOU!!
Lukas Schemm
I was on the boat tour with my two children (3 and 5 years old). The captain and the biologist gave us insights into the world of marine mammals with a lot of patience and dedication. We could experience the Wahle very close. Very respectful treatment of the animals and never intrusive. Who wants to support research and animals is right here.
Jan R
Very incredible! We saw huge groups of whales and dolphins. This organisation is highly recommended!
Lidia Chitic
Es war ein sehr schöne Tour leider haben wir nur Delphine gesehen und keine Wale aber das ist eben Glückssache :)
We visited on 24th May in the morning and it was an amazing experience, I recommend this to anyone who is in the area. The guides were very experienced and knowledgeable. Thank you!
Susan Sárközi
Highly recommended :)
We booked an excursion with Whale Watch Tenerife as we preferred the more personal and interactive experience you get in a smaller boat. Both our guide and the captain were very knowledgeable and engaging. We managed to see multiple groups of both dolphins and pilot whales during our 2 hour excursion. For me 2 hours was the right amount of time for the trip. I would definitely recommend Whale Watch Tenerife to anyone looking for an amazing experience.