Excursiones marítimas

Avistamiento de ballenas y delfines en Tenerife

Tours para ver ballenas y delfines en Tenerife

Whale Watch Tenerife es una empresa especializada en excursiones para avistamiento de cetáceos. Disponemos de de todas las autorizaciones reguladas por el Ministerio y el Gobierno de Canarias para respetar y proteger las poblaciones de calderones y delfines, promover la conservación y educación ambiental y apoyar investigaciones científicas. Además, nos comprometemos con el respeto al medio ambiente ofreciendo experiencias turísticas respetuosas con la vida marina que minimizan el impacto ambiental en el medio y colaboramos con diversos proyectos de investigación.

Regular whale watching tour

Excursiones para ver ballenas y delfines

Tours de dos horas conducidos biólogos marinos que informarán durante la excursión (en español e inglés) sobre las especies marinas en el sur de Tenerife (Costa Adeje).

Private whale watching tour

Excursiones privadas para avistamiento de cetáceos

Tours privados de dos horas de duración y con guías biólogos para ver ballenas y delfines en Tenerife, ideales para fotógrafos, grupos de amigos o familias.

Mira lo que opinan sobre nuestros tours para ver ballenas en Tenerife

Maximilian Bruder
We had a great afternoon with them. If you’re looking for a unique experience where people care about the animals and respect them but still see a lot of whales and dolphins —> this is the place. The boat is perfect for 10 people (max group size), very modern and with the underwater microphone you might even be lucky to hear the animals!!
We had a great time during our expedition on the sea. We saw different groups of pilot wales and dolphins. The explanations by the biologist on board were very interesting (covered both Spanish and English).
Malavolti Valentin
Superbe moment, à faire ABSOLUMENT si vous venez à Tenerife, le guide est très professionnel et passionné, il y a même des photos prises durant les 2h en mer envoyées gratuitement à la fin de la sortie.
Kristina Markeviciene
Karin Griesler
Danke an Eduardo, der uns im Vorfeld einiges über die Wale und anderen Meeresbewohner erzählt hat, bis wir nach längerer Ausschau Pilotwale gesichtet haben, sie kamen ganz nah an das Boot, tolle Erfahrung die Tiere so nahe zu sehen, aber trotzdem sehr respektvoller Umgang mit den Wildtieren! Das Boot ist für maximal 8 Personen und war bequem und groß! Zum Glück nur gutes Obst und Getränke....für 2 Stunden brauchen wir weder Essen noch Partymusik.... Sehr empfehlenswert!
Russ Collard
Fantastic experience. Very knowledgeable. Take huge pride in their work which is clear to see is a passion. Sharing their love with others. Could have stayed out all day. Wonderful to see the dolphins and the whales in their environment. Thank you for an amazing experience from start to finish.
Ilona Zimmermann
Sehr schön. Rücksichtsvolle Tour. Abstand und kein Bedrängen der Tiere. 😍👏 Kleines Boot mit nur 10 Personen. Perfekt. Sehr gut organisiert. Eine erforderliche Umbuchung meinerseits wurde einfach und schnell erledigt. Sprachen Spanisch und Englisch. WhatsApp Kontakt, Email und Onlinebuchung möglich. Pünktlich. Hinterher wurden uns noch per Mail Fotos zugeschickt. Danke. Alles wunderbar.
Christina Kail
Great tour with great guides. We were looking for a small group tour and a small boat. This turned out to be a good decision. The team was great and very caring and respectful towards the animals and us. We saw a lot of wales as well as a sea turtle. it's clear to see that they care about the environment and the sea which was definitely one of the most beautiful experiences for us during our stay. We´d do it again!
Simon Parker
Amazing experience
It was a very cool tour. We saw many whales and dolphins and sea-turtles! We were very lucky. The guides were very nice and had a good knowledge.. the boat was small and we stay away from the animals so if the want to the cold get to us or can swim away.

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