Excursiones marítimas

Avistamiento de ballenas y delfines en Tenerife

Tours para ver ballenas y delfines en Tenerife

Whale Watch Tenerife es una empresa especializada en excursiones para avistamiento de cetáceos. Disponemos de de todas las autorizaciones reguladas por el Ministerio y el Gobierno de Canarias para respetar y proteger las poblaciones de calderones y delfines, promover la conservación y educación ambiental y apoyar investigaciones científicas. Además, nos comprometemos con el respeto al medio ambiente ofreciendo experiencias turísticas respetuosas con la vida marina que minimizan el impacto ambiental en el medio y colaboramos con diversos proyectos de investigación.

Regular whale watching tour

Excursiones para ver ballenas y delfines

Tours de dos horas conducidos biólogos marinos que informarán durante la excursión (en español e inglés) sobre las especies marinas en el sur de Tenerife (Costa Adeje).

Private whale watching tour

Excursiones privadas para avistamiento de cetáceos

Tours privados de dos horas de duración y con guías biólogos para ver ballenas y delfines en Tenerife, ideales para fotógrafos, grupos de amigos o familias.

Mira lo que opinan sobre nuestros tours para ver ballenas en Tenerife

Lidia Chitic
Es war ein sehr schöne Tour leider haben wir nur Delphine gesehen und keine Wale aber das ist eben Glückssache 🙂
We visited on 24th May in the morning and it was an amazing experience, I recommend this to anyone who is in the area. The guides were very experienced and knowledgeable. Thank you!
Susan Sárközi
Highly recommended 🙂
We booked an excursion with Whale Watch Tenerife as we preferred the more personal and interactive experience you get in a smaller boat. Both our guide and the captain were very knowledgeable and engaging. We managed to see multiple groups of both dolphins and pilot whales during our 2 hour excursion. For me 2 hours was the right amount of time for the trip. I would definitely recommend Whale Watch Tenerife to anyone looking for an amazing experience.
Tereza Voleková
This was my favourite experience on our whole vacation. I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first because of the guaranted whale sightings (I mean, how can you persuade the whales to show up?), but I didn't have to be. We quickly found out (thanks to our great knowledgeable biologist on the board Ion) that in these waters lives the greatest concentration of pilot whales on the planet. And we did see them indeed 🙂 Whole 2-hour trip was full of sightings of pilot whales (even with babies!) and we were lucky to see atlantic spotted dolphins too. Captain John was very respectful and kept the distance of the ship from the mom and the babies to not to stress them. We even picked some garbage found on the open sea to make sure animals living there wont get hurt. I didn't have to even pick up my phone to photograph the animals - Ion thit this favour for us too, so we had plenty od uninterupted time to enjoy the animals. If I will come to Tenerife one more timd, I will definitely go with these guys again. Thank you so much.
Adam Ross
We had a great two-hour trip in mid-May with Nuria and Captain Ion. The small boat size meant that everyone got a great view of the dolphins and whales. Ion was very attentive to how everyone was faring in terms of comfort (and sea-sickness) and drove very considerately. Both he and Nuria provided comprehensive explanations of the marine life. It was great to be out with marine biologists - that's a real benefit of this company as against some of the other operations, which also use larger boats. Would strongly recommend a tour with this company.
A. D.
Small boatie for 8 people (if 10, then too tight). Spent 2 hours on the water. We did whale/dolphin watching for the 1st time in life, so we didn’t know what to expect, and we had amazing experience. Ion, the biologist, is a very cool guy and he told us a lot of interesting stuff about the marine life.
Pat Kaos
Respeto por los animales y el entorno, patrón y guía increíblemente profesionales, ambos biólogos y eso se nota, explicaciones llenas de pasión y datos de interés de cada una de las especies que vimos, delfines, calderones, tortugas.... Sin duda una experiencia para repetir. Gracias a todo el equipo.

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