Pilot Whales Investigate our Boat

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While exploring Costa Adeje today on our whale and dolphin watching tours we were so lucky to encounter two Pilot whales, a female and young calf, that were very inquisitive of our boat. There are whale watching regulations in Tenerife that we strictly adhere to, but the resident Pilot whales don’t have any such restrictions. They are the top of the food chain here in Tenerife and go where they want to.

Lucky for us, today they were in a social mood and they decided to swim over to our idle boat and do what we call ‘People Watching’! Our Captain was quick to drop the GoPro over the side of the boat to capture some amazing video and their calls as they investigated us.

These sorts of encounters with the resident Pilot whales of Costa Adeje in Tenerife are rare and never forced. We have found that by respecting the distance the regulations require that the whales own curiosity can become peaked and they may investigate the boat of their own accord. These are the special moments that we love to share with our whale watching tour guests. Thanks to everyone for joining us today for a very special encounter with two amazing Pilot whales!


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We are a small group of Marine Biologists, Naturalists and Photographers living in Tenerife. When we don't have whale and dolphin watching tours you will find us out on the boat, exploring all the amazing marine wildlife of Costa Adeje, Tenerife. We love what we do, we support research and conservation projects and we hope you will join us.