Loggerhead Sea Turtle

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A Loggerhead Sea turtle investigates our whale watching boat and the GoPro today. Great to get such an up close video of this ocean traveler as it swims over to our boat to check us out.

Loggerhead Sea turtles are visitors to Costa Adeje in Tenerife. The largest population of Loggerhead Sea turtles reproduce in the Cape Verde islands and along the Atlantic coast of Florida to the Carolinas in the USA . Many of these turtles use ocean currents to travel to the Canary Islands where they will spend their juvenile years feeding and growing along our coast.

Once they are mature and ready to reproduce they follow the ocean currents back to the same beach where they were born to lay their eggs and renew the cycle of life.

There are many threats to Loggerhead Sea turtles, even here in Tenerife. Plastics are among the largest threats when the turtles eat plastics confusing them with food. They can also get entangled in floating nets and bags.

We see Loggerhead Sea turtles almost every day on our Costa Adeje whale watching tours. But several times per month we encounter the turtles in poor health. We collect these injured turtles and return them to the marina delivering them to Tahonilla, the local marine wildlife rescue and rehabilitation foundation that nurses them back to health and releases them into the ocean to resume their lives.


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