Whale watching tours

Whale and dolphins watching tours in Tenerife

Whale Watch Tenerife is a company specialized in whale watching excursions. We have all the authorizations regulated by the Ministry and the Government of the Canary Islands to respect and protect the populations of pilot whales and dolphins, promoting conservation, environmental education and supporting scientific research.

Our tourism experiences are respectful of all marine life while minimizing the environmental impact. In addition we are proud to collaborate ...

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Whale and Dolphin Species

List of Tenerife Cetacean Species

What whales and dolphins are in Tenerife?

An ideal island for whales and dolphins

Tenerife Whale and Dolphin Species

The island of Tenerife creates a unique ocean environment where in 2018 we observed 17 different species of whales and dolphins! Did you know that Tenerife is the third tallest volcanic island in the world? The dormant volcano ‘El Teide’ rises almost 8km from the ocean floor to the ...

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Private Tours

Private whale watching tour

395€ | Bring up to 10 guests*

Book our private whale watching tour in Tenerife, ideal for groups, families, photographers, researchers or as gifts. Enjoy a premium experience in contact with nature. Our private tours include a guide-interpreter with a degree in marine biology.

Flexibility in the duration of the tour, departures from Puerto Colón, do not hesitate to contact us to customize your whale watching tour.

Book this tour!

Private whale ...

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Regular tours

Tenerife whale and dolphin watching tour

50€ Adult | 39€ Children (0-11) | 10% discount for residents in the Canary Islands

Whale and dolphin specialized watching tours in Tenerife that also provide valuable information to Whale Watch Tenerife research projects. Our excursions are led by marine biologists who will inform and answer your questions during the tour about the marine species of Tenerife, mainly: pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins, turtles and other marine species as well as birds.

A comfortable, ...

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