Discover Fun and Education in Our Whale Watching Tours for Kids

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At Whale Watch Tenerife, our cetacean sighting company, we take pride in offering a unique experience that not only appeals to adults but also captivates the little ones at home. Our exciting tours are not just sea adventures but also educational and fun opportunities for these young explorers.

Learning about marine life

Our cetacean sightings off the coast of Adeje provide children with the opportunity to learn about the fascinating marine life inhabiting our waters.

Our expert biologists share information on board during each excursion about the different types of cetaceans we may encounter: various dolphin species, sea turtles, tropical pilot whales, seabirds, and if we’re lucky, sperm whales or baleen whales.

Children can discover interesting facts about these magnificent creatures, such as their behavior, feeding habits, and migration patterns, which we share on board our boat.

Connection with nature

For many children, our cetacean sightings are their first real experience of connecting with marine nature. Observing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat inspires a sense of awe and admiration for the natural world.

This connection can foster a greater interest in marine conservation and the protection of oceans for future generations.

Moreover, our tours are not just educational but also incredibly fun!

Kids enjoy the thrill of sailing on the high seas and spotting a tail peeking above the waves or a dolphin leaping in the air is exciting for both children and adults alike.

We believe that cetacean sightings are an experience they will treasure forever. Whether it’s their first time at sea or not, each of our tours offers new adventures and discoveries. Memories of spotting whales and dolphins in their natural environment will linger in children’s memories long after they return to dry land.

In summary, our cetacean sightings are not just an exciting activity but also an invaluable opportunity for children to learn, have fun, and connect with the marine world around us.


Join us on this exciting adventure and create unforgettable memories for the whole family!

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