Atlantic Spotted Dolphins Costa Adeje Tenerife

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Spotted dolphins are such an amazing species to observe on our Costa Adeje whale watching tours. A transient species, they often are in large pods and usually very active. Most times they race over to the boat and seem to love bow riding, much to the excitement of our guests!

The Atlantic Spotted dolphins are a transient species usually found offshore of Costa Adeje. They are a medium sized dolphin, but unlike their name suggests, they do not always have spots! When they are born they are various shades of grey with countershading – their bellies being white. As they mature and become adults – typically around 6-7 years of age they begin to become ‘spotted’.

The spots are one of the ways to tell the age of the different dolphins within the pod, size being the other obvious way. Their dark backs and white bellies both get contrasting spots. However, there are some adult Atlantic Spotted dolphins that never develop the spots – maybe how some people have freckles?

Thanks to everyone who joined us today to observe the Atlantic Spotted dolphins on our Costa Adeje whale and dolphin watching tours. We are lucky that with the fast and comfortable rigid hull inflatable whale watching boat we use there is a better chance to see more cetacean species as we have a larger range than most of the tours in southern Tenerife. Join us to explore Costa Adeje and the many amazing whales and dolphins.


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We are a small group of Marine Biologists, Naturalists and Photographers living in Tenerife. When we don't have whale and dolphin watching tours you will find us out on the boat, exploring all the amazing marine wildlife of Costa Adeje, Tenerife. We love what we do, we support research and conservation projects and we hope you will join us.