Rare White Spotted Dolphin

Staff and guests were excited to observe a white Atlantic Spotted dolphin this morning. Traveling within a group of several hundred Spotted dolphins the all white colour of the dolphin was very distinct. This is the first time we have seen this dolphin – a colleague has shared information of such a sighting in the Azores Islands to the north of the Canary Islands.

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Spotted Dolphins

A large pod of Atlantic Spotted dolphins approached and circled our whale watching tour boat today while exploring Costa Adeje of Tenerife. They spent several minutes swimming alongside our boat, while their calls were audible above the water! It was a thrilling encounter with a large pod of adult Spotted dolphins and thanks to Captain Jose we have a beautiful GoPro video to share with you.

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Common Dolphins and Spotted Dolphins

Great day for whale watching tours along Costa Adeje with wonderful observations of Common dolphins and Spotted dolphins bow riding. These two species were even mixing for the opportunity to race alongside our boat! Amazing moments like these are one of the reasons we love to share whale watching trips with our guests.

Common dolphins are found throughout the world, sometimes observed in groups of over 1,000 animals! This is why they are called ‘Common’. But we don’t like the name, they a such a beautifully coloured species of dolphin with greys, whites and a large yellow patch on their sides. We suggest a better name might be ‘Painted Dolphin’!

Common dolphins are seasonal visitors to Tenerife. They prefer slightly cooler waters that Tenerife has in the the summer, although we have seen them in every month of the year. They follow their food (fish mostly) and the ocean currents that the fish take. We usually find them further offshore from Costa Adeje than most cetacean species.

The Atlantic Spotted dolphins are more often encountered along Costa Adeje. Interestingly the Spotted dolphins seem to mix with other cetacean species. We have seen them in close proximity or even mixing with groups of Pilot whales, Bottlenose dolphins and Common dolphins.

A wonderful day of whale and dolphin watching here along Costa Adeje, Tenerife. Thank you to all the great people who joined our small group eco-adventures to explore all the amazing marine wildlife. The highlight was observing the active and thrilling mixed group of Spotted and Common dolphins racing our boat.

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins Costa Adeje Tenerife

Spotted dolphins are such an amazing species to observe on our Costa Adeje whale watching tours. A transient species, they often are in large pods and usually very active. Most times they race over to the boat and seem to love bow riding, much to the excitement of our guests!

The Atlantic Spotted dolphins are a transient species usually found offshore of Costa Adeje. They are a medium sized dolphin, but unlike their name suggests, they do not always have spots! When they are born they are various shades of grey with countershading – their bellies being white. As they mature and become adults – typically around 6-7 years of age they begin to become ‘spotted’.

The spots are one of the ways to tell the age of the different dolphins within the pod, size being the other obvious way. Their dark backs and white bellies both get contrasting spots. However, there are some adult Atlantic Spotted dolphins that never develop the spots – maybe how some people have freckles?

Thanks to everyone who joined us today to observe the Atlantic Spotted dolphins on our Costa Adeje whale and dolphin watching tours. We are lucky that with the fast and comfortable rigid hull inflatable whale watching boat we use there is a better chance to see more cetacean species as we have a larger range than most of the tours in southern Tenerife. Join us to explore Costa Adeje and the many amazing whales and dolphins.