Spotted Dolphins

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A large pod of Atlantic Spotted dolphins approached and circled our whale watching tour boat today while exploring Costa Adeje of Tenerife. They spent several minutes swimming alongside our boat, while their calls were audible above the water! It was a thrilling encounter with a large pod of adult Spotted dolphins and thanks to Captain Jose we have a beautiful GoPro video to share with you.

Atlantic Spotted dolphins are the third most commonly observed cetacean species on our whale and dolphin watching tours along Costa Adeje of Tenerife. The deep marine ecosystem and ocean currents create an ideal environment for the Spotted dolphins to hunt and feed. Interestingly Spotted dolphins are not all Spotted, but this group of adults was characteristically marked with light and dark spots.

Thanks to all our guests who joined us today to observe these amazing pod of Atlantic Spotted dolphins. Our whale and dolphin watching tours are lucky to encounter Spotted dolphins throughout the year here along Costa Adeje of Tenerife. While yet undetermined, there is believed to be a population of Spotted dolphins that reside in the Canary Islands archipelago. Regardless, they are an exciting and dynamic group of cetaceans to share with our whale watching tour guests!


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