Bottlenose Dolphins Hunt a Bait ball

Bottlenose dolphins hunt a bait ball of small fish on this mornings whale and dolphin watching tour along Costa Adeje, Tenerife. Exciting to observe their underwater activity with the help of the GoPro.

Bottlenose dolphins hunt as a team, encircling the prey fish. In the open ocean there is no where to trap fish, so the Bottlenose dolphins work in a group pushing the fish towards the surface where the fish have no where to escape.

Then the dolphins take turns dashing into the ball of fish and capturing their prey. While the instinct of the fish is to group together, moving in unison to try and confuse the dolphins, it does not work. The dolphins echolocation and sight allows them to pick off the fish one by one, filling their bellies.

It is very exciting to be able to watch this activity from the whale watching boat. It is amazing to have the Bottlenose dolphins push the bait ball of fish over to our idle boat where we could dip the Go Pro into the water and catch a glimpse of this ocean drama as it unfolds in the ocean realm!

Thanks to all the wonderful people who joined us today for thrilling and respectful whale and dolphin watching tours along Costa Adeje, Tenerife. We feel privileged to share these incredible moments with our guests. We hope to see you all again for more eco-adventure tours with the cetaceans of Tenerife.

Bottlenose Dolphins Costa Adeje

Some video from todays encounter with Bottlenose dolphins on our Costa Adeje whale and dolphin watching tours. They are often very active, approaching the whale watching boat, with spectacular leaps and engaging activity for the guests to observe.

Costa Adeje is the home to a large resident population of Bottlenose dolphins of two distinct eco-types. These are the ‘coastal’ and ‘oceanic’ eco-types of Bottlenose dolphins. While their DNA make-up is the same, their environment and lifestyle have created some physical differences that stand out between the two groups.

Costal Bottlenose dolphins, as the name suggests, spend most of their time close to the shoreline of Costa Adeje. Their family pods are typically smaller, 6-10 individuals, they are smaller bodied and usually lighter in color. Their diet is also different, while small schooling fish make up the majority of their prey, they have also been known to eat garden eels (a type of eel that lives in the shallow sediment) and crustaceans.

Oceanic Bottlenose dolphins spend their lives in the deep ocean between Tenerife and La Gomera. This different environment means they spend more time swimming as their prey are always moving. This is mostly small schooling fish and pelagic crustaceans, even some ocean squid. The oceanic eco-type tends to live in larger pods, is larger bodied and often with darker countershading.

Join us to explore the realm of the cetaceans along Costa Adeje in Tenerife. We often observe some of the resident Bottlenose dolphins on our whale and dolphin watching tours. We hope you can join our little eco-adventures in Tenerife!