Blue Shark!

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A Blue Shark appeared in the deep blue ocean off of Costa Adeje today on our whale watching tour. The boat was sitting idly with the engines off as we had the hydrophone in the water to listen to the chatter of the whales and dolphins. The Blue shark seemed very inquisitive as it made several close passes to the boat and investigated our hydrophone. Captain John was quick to get the GoPro into the water and capture this beautiful video of the Blue shark before it disappeared into the ocean depths.

The Blue shark (Prionace glauca) is a pelagic or open ocean species of shark. They do have a rich blue sheen to their dorsal or back which is particularly well seen as the shark rises to the surface and into the sunlight. The Blue shark has unusually long pectoral fins and a slender frame which aid its long distance travels as it searches for food in the open ocean. They mainly feed on small fish and squid. They can reach over 3 meters in length and up to 150 kg.

Getting to observe this beautiful ocean traveller was a pleasure and as exciting for our Biologists as it was the guests on todays whale watching tour. One of the reasons we so enjoy exploring Costa Adeje with our guests is you just never know what species of marine wildlife we might encounter! Today was the first time we observed a Blue Shark, while we have also seen numerous Hammerhead sharks and a Short Fin Mako shark as well. Thanks to all the wonderful people who joined us on todays eco-adventure!


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We are a small group of Marine Biologists, Naturalists and Photographers living in Tenerife. When we don't have whale and dolphin watching tours you will find us out on the boat, exploring all the amazing marine wildlife of Costa Adeje, Tenerife. We love what we do, we support research and conservation projects and we hope you will join us.